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What Is Technology?

Reemo: The Wrist Worn Mouse to Control Your World

“Point. Click. Superhero. Reemo empowers its users to control their environment through point-and-gesture technology. Engage Your Environment. Reemo can control smart appliances, computers, and other everyday electronics. Build Your Clickable World. Reemo users can control supported home automation systems and some computer operating systems, making it the first mouse for the physical and graphical world.”

Him (Spoof Of The Movie Her)

The Era of Anticipating computing: a Blueprint for the Future

Last year I saw the Swedish science fiction/drama series set in an alternate version of modern day Sweden where humanoid robot workers and servants are widespread. The series follows the resulting emotional effects on two families as well as the trials of a group of robots who have attained free will and want their freedom from human ownership. Today I learned that a second series is now being broadcasted on the Swedish television.

If you are not able to few this serie, you might want to watch American science fiction/crime drama “Almost Human” made by J. J. Abrams, the man behind the new Star Trek and Star Wars movies, as well as the series Lost, Fringe and Revolution. The series “Almost Human” is set 2048, the uncontrollable evolution of science and technology has caused crime rates to rise an astounding 400%. To combat this, the overwhelmed police force has implemented a new policy: every human police officer is paired up with a lifelike combat-model android.

What I am really looking forward to see is the new movie “Her”. In het beginning of next year it will be shown in a cinema near you. Her is a 2013 science fiction romance film written, directed, and produced by Spike Jonze. The film centers on a man who develops a relationship with a female voice produced by an intelligent computer operating system.

The central theme that combines all the three trailers together is the fact that the relationship between humans and machines is again evolving. Technology is becoming more intelligent, more intimate, more personal, more intuitive and more anticipating. Technology is an essential part of our identity. We can’t live without it. Technology is our all-rounder, our mainstay, it is the mother who takes care of us, and the father who protects us, it’s our best friend who is always there for us, it’s the teacher who learns us stuff, it’s the coach who guides us and finally it is our partner who loves us.

I don’t think that the above scenarios are Science Fiction. It’s Science Fact. Science Fiction has become a Fact of Life. The future is now. Where accelerated change is the only constant. So you can better embrace these new technologies, experiment with them and innovate. Adapt or die! It is Digital Darwinisme.

And it’s not a revolution, but an evolution. I have created the following blueprint to guide me in to this future. Hopefully it inspires you and helps it to find out how it impacts your business. If you have any questions regarding this blueprint, please let me know by using the comments.

Blueprint for the future

Is the internet making us smarter?

Clive Thompson, author of “Smarter than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better,” joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss how technology, including the Internet, is making us smarter, more productive, and more creative.

Smart-phone or sentient agent?

“The smart-phone is only the beginning of a broader set of solutions that will enhance human communication beyond what we’re able to understand today. Filled with sensors and computing power, the smart-phone is an ideal jumpstation to become a smart agent that is capable of reasoning and capable of helping and assisting humans. Already we are not simply using a smart-phone, but a premature version of Jarvis or HAL9000. But if the smart-phone is only the start, where will it lead to? Let’s make a fast-forward and look at how communication will create change in 5 to 10 years and beyond. Filip is the Founder of the Antwerp based startup Argus Labs, known for building the Jini mobile app that uses sensor fusion and machine learning to transform your smart-phone into a smart-agent.”

The Age of Networked Matter

“Over the next decade, a confluence of breakthroughs will give us new lenses to observe the wondrous interconnections surrounding us and within us. The coming Age of Networked Matter is a world where everyday objects will blog, robots will have social networks, microbes will talk to kitchens, and forests will “friend” cities. We will look at the emerging technologies in computation, sensing and actuation, wireless, materials science, and even biology that will underpin this coming world, and interact with creators as they reimagine and reinvent the changing context and meaning of our lives.”

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