There is a safer way to pay

Presented by Paypal: Nobody likes a stranger running away with their credit card. And what about bitcoin?

Apple – The Song

Skype Translator

The Greatest Speech Ever Given

Oculus Rift in the metro

Is this our future?

Facebook #SayThanks message to my ex

Stop Looking At Your Phones – A Lesson From The Britishes

The Britishes must resist the urge to spend breakfast starting at their (im)mobile devices.

StockCity for Oculus Rift

Fidelity Labs, the R&D think-tank inside Fidelity Investments, created StockCity for Oculus Rift®, a tool that combines virtual reality with data visualization to transform an investor’s stock portfolio into a city that conveys information about stocks without a single number or percentage. Investors can access it either with Oculus Rift, or simply on the web.

Siri versus Cortona

Don’t text at the table: Pass the salt