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Menno is Director of the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology (VINT). He mixes personal life experiences with the findings of the 19 years of research done at the VINT Research Institute. Menno has co-authored many books on the impact of new technology on business and society. Menno worked on the following books and research project :

Making IT-Governance Work, Open for Business – open-source-inspired innovation, Me the Media: Rise of the conversation Society, Don’t Be Evil, Powershift – energy transition, The App Effect, Cyber Security Manifesto, Big Data, “Things”.

Menno received the Computable Award  “Researcher of the Year” for research done in the field of open innovation and business transformation in October 2007. He is member of the Advisory Board of the Telecom & Management School of Business in Paris and member of the Coordinating Commission of the Social Media Research Centre Somere of the University of Twente (Netherlands). Menno is the host of a 1300+ business innovation community called “Social Strategy Talk” with events that are held in Amsterdam. He was born in Gouda (say cheese) and went to Erasmus University to specialize himself in the field of economic psychology. This formed the base of his human-centric view on new technology.


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+ 31 625 02 60 20


Sander Duivestein is trendwatcher at VINT, the International Research Institute of Sogeti. He is an analyst, publick speaker and internet entrepeneur. Prior, Sander was a software architect at Capgemini.

He is co-author of the books: “Me the Media”, “Collaboration in the Cloud”, “Don’t Be Evil” and “The App Effect”. Currently he is writing a book about Big Data: “Recorded Future”.




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Jaap Bloem is in IT since the PC and now a Principal Analyst at VINT, the Sogeti trend lab, delivering Vision, Inspiration, Navigation and Trends.

In his days at KPMG Consulting Jaap co-founded the IT Trends Institute. He was a publisher of IT books and editor in chief of IT magazines at Wolters Kluwer. Before coming to VINT, Jaap was the Marketing Executive for the Dutch Chapter of ISOC, the Internet Society. Jaap has co-authored many books and articles, and loves to develop and evangelize ground-breaking thought and insight together with colleagues and partners.




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+1 703 734 1511 ext. 104


Erik van Ommeren is responsible for VINT, the international research institute of Sogeti, in the USA. He is an IT strategist and senior analyst with a broad background in IT, Enterprise Architecture and Executive Management. Part of his time is spent advising organizations on innovation, transformational projects and architectural processes. Erik is also a trainer, speaker at seminars and an author. He has written a series of books, covering topics such as mobile technologies, open innovation, SOA, Cloud computing and collaboration.

His most recent publication is ‘The Connected Workforce – making your digital transformation work’ and he is currently working on research covering Big Data, writing four reports, a book and a running blog on the topic and a publication on Cyber Security. Erik is based in Washington, DC.

Thomas van Manen, Trendwatcher and Digital/Social Strategist, VINT

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Thomas van Manen is an analyst at VINT. Thomas is working of VINT’s Design to Disrupt research project dealing with the accelerating speed of innovation and the design principles of disruption.

Thomas is also working on designing mobile experiences for wearables and the internet of things. Past research focused on the impact of Big Data, Mobile Information Technologies, Gamification and the Web of Things.

Thomas is also Chief Editor at the VINT research blog and was part of the HOT100 in 2012, a yearly selection of the most promising alumni in Media & Arts studies.


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+46 70 214 63 18


 Per Björkegren is an Enterprise Architect and IT strategist in Sweden. He has worked within Capgemini Group since 1991 and is the practice leader for Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance within Sogeti Sweden, developing the service offerings and speaking at open seminars. He is also the founder and president of SWEAN (Swedish Enterprise Architecture Network), which currently has about 700 members.

He spends most of his time out on the field supporting many organizations in Sweden regarding IT driven business development, Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture and IT Governance. He has a broad background in IT, ranging from software development to architecture and business management via an extensive set of service offering development assignments on global Capgemini level.

Per is a co-author of Sogeti books; SOA for profit, Collaboration in the Cloud and Seize the Cloud, and his efforts in solution design and architecture has resulted in four Swedish .NET Awards.



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 Andreas Sjöström is Sogeti’s Global Mobility Practice Lead. He’s sincerely passionate about new business enabling technology.

Since more than ten years, his focus has been related to mobile solutions and apps for business. Andreas is a senior advisorto multiple international companies, co-author of “The App Effect”  and a frequent keynote speaker.

He has received several technology leadership awards including Swedish IT Consultant of the Year, Top Ten Developers (Sweden), and seven times awarded the Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft.