Expert Talk: John Hagel on change and learning fast on the edges of an ecosystem

“Our belief is that the individual becomes really the catalyst for change; that we as individuals will see the power of pull and will start to use it in our own lives, personal and professional. And then, as a result of our learning and actions, we’re going to become catalysts for change within the institutions”

Today in our video section: author and consultant John Hagel who specializes in the intersection of business strategy and information technology. In 2007, Hagel, along with John Seely Brown and Lang Davison, founded the Center for the Edge.

Making sense of change in an uncertain world

Strategic focus on two horizons

Individuals as catalysts for change

Learn fast on the edges of an ecosystem

About Thomas van Manen

Thomas van Manen is an analyst and digital/social strategist at VINT. His research focuses on the impact of Big Data, Mobile Information Technologies, Gamification and the Web of Things. He can help organizations roll out a Social (Business) Strategy and provide business managers with analysis on upcoming technology trends. He is the co-author of Game On, a report on the business impact of games and the potential of unleashing game dynamics onto business applications and four reports on Big Data. Thomas is also Chief Editor at the VINT research blog and was part of the HOT100 in 2012, a yearly selection of the most promising alumni in Media & Arts studies.



  1. Thanks so much for posting these videos – I’d love to receive feedback from anyone who sees them.

    Just two minor corrections – the research center that I run is the Center for the Edge and I am not a former consultant – I continue to consult with senior executives around the world as part of Deloitte while also running the research center.

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