Expert Talk: Hal Gregersen on Leadership and The Innovator’s DNA

Today in our video section: Hal Gregersen, Professor at INSEAD and author of The Innovator’s DNA.

“Leaders need to connect to situations in realtime.”

“The most strategic people who create new business directions are pulling their creative thinking skills into that strategic space and that’s what turbochargers it.”

What makes an innovator?

What do you imply with the notion of an innovator’s DNA?

How can leadership and creativity ever be married?

Do we need to change the way we see and deal with leadership and innovation?

About Thomas van Manen

Thomas van Manen is an analyst and digital/social strategist at VINT. His research focuses on the impact of Big Data, Mobile Information Technologies, Gamification and the Web of Things. He can help organizations roll out a Social (Business) Strategy and provide business managers with analysis on upcoming technology trends. He is the co-author of Game On, a report on the business impact of games and the potential of unleashing game dynamics onto business applications and four reports on Big Data. Thomas is also Chief Editor at the VINT research blog and was part of the HOT100 in 2012, a yearly selection of the most promising alumni in Media & Arts studies.


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