VINT Symposium Recap: Sander Duivestein (VINT) & Dirk de Roos (IBM) on Big Data

Sander Duivestein is trendwatcher at VINT, the International Research Institute of Sogeti. In this talk Sander works towards a definition of Big Data starting with the argument that data measurement now is the modern equivalent of the microsocope, invented some four hundred years ago. Meticulously zooming in on essential heterogeneous data, we can check back on both what has happened before plus what is actually happening in real time today.

Sander Duivestein – De definitie van Big Data from Sogeti VINT on Vimeo.

Dirk de Roos – Big Data Stories

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About Thomas van Manen

Thomas van Manen is an analyst and digital/social strategist at VINT. His research focuses on the impact of Big Data, Mobile Information Technologies, Gamification and the Web of Things. He can help organizations roll out a Social (Business) Strategy and provide business managers with analysis on upcoming technology trends. He is the co-author of Game On, a report on the business impact of games and the potential of unleashing game dynamics onto business applications and four reports on Big Data. Thomas is also Chief Editor at the VINT research blog and was part of the HOT100 in 2012, a yearly selection of the most promising alumni in Media & Arts studies.


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