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Sander Duivestein is trendwatcher at VINT, the International Research Institute of Sogeti. He is an analyst, publick speaker and internet entrepeneur. Prior, Sander was a software architect at Capgemini. He is co-author of the books: “Me the Media”, “Collaboration in the Cloud”, “Don’t Be Evil” and “The App Effect”. Currently he is writing a book about Big Data: “Recorded Future”.

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Aspirational: Kirsten Dunst vs the selfie generation

Bitcoin: the Internet of Money

Great presentation about Bitcoin (with a capital B) by the Winklevoss brothers

Netflix wants to conquer the world

Last week Netflix was launched in Belgium. Sander Duivestein was asked by the television program Terzake for his opinion.

IT Tomorrow – Internet of Things

Last week Sander Duivestein was a guest in the new Dutch internet television program “IT Tomorrow”. He talked about the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things – New Paradigm for Business

The Internet of Things isn’t coming soon…It’s already here. IOT is real. It’s inevitable. It’s huge. Is your business ready for the connected world?

The World’s First Hoverbike Could Revolutionize the Drone Industry

The Hoverbike is the result of years worth of R&D. We combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle.

When compared with a helicopter, the Hoverbike is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole new way to fly. The Hoverbike flies like a quadcopter, and can be flown unmanned or manned, while being a safe – low level aerial workhorse with low on-going maintenance.

Read here more.

Apple Watch Parody

Interactive shopping

Fraunhofer HHI want to make future shopping trips a special experience by enabling passers-by to operate window displays with hand and facial gestures. Four cameras record the 3-D positions of people´s hands, face and eyes and transform them into commands for selecting and purchasing goods – even after the shop has closed.

Generation IP: 2025

Welcome to Generation IP:2025 by Virgin Media Business — an in-depth study carried out in conjunction with The Future Laboratory – which provides an exciting glimpse into a hyper-connected Britain in just thirteen years’ time.

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