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Sander Duivestein is trendwatcher at VINT, the International Research Institute of Sogeti. He is an analyst, publick speaker and internet entrepeneur. Prior, Sander was a software architect at Capgemini. He is co-author of the books: “Me the Media”, “Collaboration in the Cloud”, “Don’t Be Evil” and “The App Effect”. Currently he is writing a book about Big Data: “Recorded Future”.

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StockCity for Oculus Rift

Fidelity Labs, the R&D think-tank inside Fidelity Investments, created StockCity for Oculus Rift®, a tool that combines virtual reality with data visualization to transform an investor’s stock portfolio into a city that conveys information about stocks without a single number or percentage. Investors can access it either with Oculus Rift, or simply on the web.

Robots: You May Wear Them In Your Clothes

“In a small lab at Purdue University in Indiana, a new kind of robot is being developed. Rebecca Kramer is a scientist creating soft robots that will integrate directly into our clothing to monitor and assist our movement. Her research could some day lead to a revolution in what we wear, from rehabilitative clothing to military performance enhancers, to everyday athletic gear.”

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