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Iot1DT Game’s 1st Half
Did you ever reflect on the immense difference in talking about Digital Transformation (DT), over the past 20 or so years? From 1994 on, the year that Tim Berners-Lee finally left CERN to start W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, Digital Transformation was a matter of Business Process Redesign, Reengineering & Improvement (BPR/I), of PC, browser and office suite wars, of e-mail, of Web search, of e-commerce, and of e-business. On a high level, I mean. Who could care less? [Read more…]

Robot as passengers on a plane


“First-ever flight by humanoid robot Athena as a paid passenger on a commercial passenger airline @Lufthansa”

That’s the airport of Los Angeles tweeting about a robot checking in as a human passenger on a flight. Isaac Asimov would have loved it. Athena it is called. The first humanoid robot to have paid for a seat on a plane. It boarded a Lufthansa flight to Germany on december 15. The robot checked in and collect its tickets before being strapped into the flight. It is being flown to Max Planck Institute for Computational Learning and Motor Control Laboratory in Baden-Württemberg.

The robot was built by robotics company Sarcos and purchased by Germany’s Max Planck Society, which will try to make her perform tasks too dangerous for humans (like cleanup after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima). But meanwhile the robot was transported in “off” position and didn’t perform any task in the plane while flying.

Don’t get over excited. [Read more…]

Design2Disrupt: Gartner’s IT predictions

vint-design-to-disrupt-rood-wit-rgbThe disruptive potential of (new) technologies is growing at a staggering speed. Disruption is happening all around and is triggered by the advances in Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and smart ‘Things’ (SMACT). Customers are changing their behavior in response and companies are keen to find out how to (re)design their organization to survive and thrive in the face of this change.

Gartner has revealed its top predictions for IT organizations and IT users for 2015 and beyond in which they examine a shift in the age old relationships between man and machine due to the emergence of digital business (Full list here). I’m highlighting a few of the predictions in the context of our Design to Disrupt research project: [Read more…]

There is a safer way to pay

Presented by Paypal: Nobody likes a stranger running away with their credit card. And what about bitcoin?

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Digital ethics and the future of humans in a connected world

Timeline of emerging science and technology


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The Current State of Machine Intelligence


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